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3 Essential Tips to Cigar Texting


3 Essential Tips to Cigar Texting

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Tobacco businesses across the U.S. are starting to update their communication with texting. After all, text messages have a 98% open rate. Business texting is easy, efficient, and it’s your customers' preferred method of communication. Below you will find 3 proven tips to help your business implement texting as a viable communication tool in the tobacco industry.

Promote Your New Texting Ability

After receiving your new texting number, we suggest you promote it. Current and future customers need to know that your business is offering a new communication option. Promoting your new texting ability can not only increase customer satisfaction but also make communication more effective. Gnymble suggests you promote your new texting ability in the following ways:

  • Create a “Text Us” button on your website.
  • Print out QR codes with the new number and place them around your shop or lounge.
  • Post your new number on social media.

Create Templates for FAQs

Templates are an easy way to answer a higher volume of inquiries. Gnymble is a web-based platform that allows multiple users to view and add templates. You can create a title and message to answer frequently asked questions instead of retyping the answer. With three simple clicks, you can have a question answered. It will save you time and effort so that you can focus on the customers in your shop.

Set Business Hours & Auto-Response

To enable auto-response, we suggest you set your business hours in settings. Gnymble was designed to create a message for business hours and after hours. Auto-response messages will help your customers know you have received their message and will be responding. These auto-responses are only sent once in 24 hours. Some examples from current businesses using Gnymble include:

  • “Hello! Thank you for contacting The Cigar Shop. We will reply to your message when we open at 11AM.”
  • “Hi! I’m helping another customer right now, but I will respond as soon as I’m available.”

Business texting can really improve your communication if you promote your new number, create templates for FAQs, and set your business hours & auto-response. Gnymble is the only web-based texting platform that has researched the tobacco industry and implemented tools to be able to text about cigars, tobacco, smoking and more.

Smoking cigars is a laid-back yet social trade, so why not offer your customers the same type of communication?

Ready to get texting? If you’d like to learn more about business texting you can email the team at [email protected] or text 757-447-0202.

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