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3 Reasons to Love an Actionable Dashboard


3 Reasons to Love an Actionable Dashboard


Gnymble has implemented features such as hide, snooze, and assign to keep your dashboard clean and effective. Learn how to make the most out of your Gnymble dashboard.

There are many reasons to love Gnymble’s actionable dashboard. But what is an actionable dashboard? It’s an easy way to stay organized, answer all inbound inquiries, and keep employees “in the know.” Gnymble has implemented features such as hide, snooze, and assign to keep your dashboard clean and effective.

The end goal of an actionable dashboard is to have zero messages in your inbox at the end of the day. If you want to see it in action, check out our YouTube video here. Now, why do people love Gnymble’s actionable dashboard?

1. It Keeps You Organized

Email inboxes can become cluttered and voicemail boxes become full. Before you know it, important emails are buried and you’ve missed valuable phone calls. That’s where Gnymble’s actionable dashboard comes in to help. Respond to incoming messages like normal then, you can “hide” each of your conversations when you’re done with them. This just moves the conversation off of the home dashboard. This way your inbox doesn’t become cluttered and you know that person has been answered. If they send you another message, don’t worry, it will pop back up in your inbox on your dashboard. Say goodbye to buried emails and full voicemail boxes and say hello to organized, conversational text messaging.

2. Nobody Goes Unanswered

One of our favorite things about Gnymble’s actionable dashboard is the ability to “snooze” conversations. This will hide the conversation until midnight each night and the conversation will appear on the dashboard again. This is a great reminder for following up with conversations, keeping track of inquiries, and completing Gnymblits–aka tasks.

Gnymble has also implemented a feature to mark messages as “unread” after you've read them. The message will appear at the top of the inbox as if no one has opened it. This feature is helpful especially among teams that share an inbox. If there’s an unread message, someone knows they need to read that information or respond to the message. 

3. Employees Know Who’s Been Handled

Our Gnymble customer support team has found that the most used feature on our actionable dashboard is the assign feature. There is a circle on the right side of each conversation where the conversation can be assigned to each user. For example, we received an IT question in our customer support inbox. I can assign that conversation to John, our CTO and he will receive an email notification that the conversation has been assigned to him. 

Why is this helpful? Each of your employees will be able to maintain their conversations among the shared inbox. If an inquiry is tailored towards a certain topic or division you are not familiar with– you can assign the conversation to someone that will be able to better assist them. 

These are just a few of the many reasons to love Gnymble's actionable dashboard. It is designed to keep you and your business organized, help all inquiries receive an answer, and allows you to assign messages to the people with the most knowledge about a topic. Gnymble’s development team has worked hard to create relevant metrics and dimensions that are tied to your day-to-day responsibilities. Does this sound like something that can benefit you and your team? You can learn more about our actionable dashboard by reaching out via text at 757-818-8010 or email us at [email protected]

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