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Business Texting in 2022

The first text message was sent in 1992 by a man named Neil Papworth. He sent the words “Merry Christmas” from his computer to his colleague who received the message on a cordless phone. Fast forward a few years– most of us remember the time of the dreaded flip phone or at least when “QWERTY” keyboards were added to cell phones in early 2000. Soon enough mobile phones evolved to modern touch screen keyboards. Now we can even text by speaking into our phones. 

What Does Business Texting Look Like in 2022?

In 2020, COVID-19 affected every business in some way, shape, or form. Businesses were changing safety measures, their business hours, and more. Throughout the pandemic businesses needed to stay connected to customers as well as employees. Texting became an important piece of business communication for direct interactions. Business texting was a preferred method of communication before the pandemic, but it has maintained its traction among businesses as the preferred communication method.

There are many key takeaways from business texting during COVID-19. As this continues to grow as a medium of communication, here are some recommended tips:

  • Keep Texts Between 20-30 Words: Clear and concise text messages have a higher engagement rate.
  • Text Early in the Morning or Late at Night: Insights have shown that engagement is 50% higher before 9 AM or after 9 PM.
  • Include a Call to Action: Text messages that have a positive tone and include a CTA have a much higher engagement rate.

There are 23 billion text messages sent every day across the world. 2.52 billion people text using apps on their mobile phones. That means 270,000 messages are sent every second. Consumer expectations are shifting as text-based communication continues to rise. Trust between businesses and consumers is growing. People are starting to expect businesses to text them sharing updates and information. Truth is, your competitors are most likely already using business texting.

Why Should My Business Text?

Besides getting ahead of competitors, there are plenty of reasons for your business to text. Statistics show that:

  • Text messages have a 99% open rate. 
  • 45% of text messages receive a reply.
  • Texting is 10x quicker than a phone call.
  • 78% of consumers wish they could text a business.
  • 33% of American adults prefer texting over other forms of communication.

What Are Common Texts From Businesses?

Business texting can be used in a variety of ways. One-to-one communication happens when someone may text you asking questions about location, hours, or inventory. People are typically looking for a quick response to a simple question. In other cases, employees may be texting about potential vacation days, if they’re running late, and more. There’s blast texting where you can promote an upcoming event, product, or special offering. People most likely will not reply to these, however, 99% of them will be opened and read. 

As business texting continues to become more popular, more and more businesses will start looking into this method of communication. Is your business up to date? Want to see it in action? Text us at 757-810-8010 or email [email protected] and visit to learn more.


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  • Broadcast messaging. Send messages to several people at once – each one personalized with merge fields – and await a response only to you
  • Auto-replies. Let people know when your business is open or closed
  • Spam protection. Activate an auto-response for any incoming message from an unknown number, asking them to respond with a keyword & some personal information
  • No app required. Can be accessed via any browser on desktops, laptops, phone, & tablets
  • Text-enabled landlines. Text-enable your existing landline with no change whatsoever in you handle phone calls
  • Multi-line. Give departments & individuals within your organization their own phone numbers, which tie to inboxes, and thus provide an even more personalized experience for your customers

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  • New message notifications via email and/or SMS
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  • MMS Texting (Images, GIFTs, PDFs, vCards)
  • Auto Replies
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Business Hours

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– Bryan Fine, MD | Percentric

“Gnymble has changed the way we do business. Lots of clients now text us with service questions, to schedule, and even to buy new systems! We have found it very useful to text a link for payments. We’ve seen anything from $79-$20,000 collected using a simple text link. Revenue has increased, client satisfaction is through the roof, and our in-house reps are much happier because they’re on the phone less and far more productive.”

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System Requirements

  • Any modern browser

Important Details

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SMS marketing can help you to reach more than 292 million people

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SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is a massive growth channel with more than 292 million people in North America using text messaging. For businesses, that means that it’s a lot easier to send direct marketing messages to your existing and potential customers. With the right approach, SMS marketing can be a strong growth tool for your business. As summed up by Thrive Marketing agency : “In a nutshell, SMS marketing utilizes a mobile phone’s SMS or text messaging service to communicate with their customers and to keep them engaged. One SMS has a 160-character limit and if you go over this limit your message is sent in two parts. So, it’s best that SMS marketers make their message copy concise yet compelling.”

In this era of remote work, communication is more essential than ever, but can easily be one of the things the teams of a business let fall to the wayside. But when employees aren’t seeing each other face to face, unless via video call, keeping up to date with each other easily and quickly is of paramount importance.


A good way to improve communication and stay in touch is with a service like Gnymble SMS Marketing , which can help you to communicate both with your customers and your team members more effectively. One-year subscriptions are available now for the reduced price of $124.99. The easy-to-use platform allows you to send multiple texts at once including the option to reply to messages. The service can be accessed online from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, with no app required, and uses a single inbox, so that multiple team members can access the messages. The useful dashboard function allows you to hide, snooze, tag, and message directly. Boost your communication potential with an SMS marketing solution that can work for both external and internal communications.

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If SMS Marketing Is the Future Then Now’s the Time to Start

The business world is always innovating and over the past couple of years, SMS marketing has become an explosive growth channel. Today, 64 percent of consumers think businesses should contact them through text. That illustrates a change in the marketplace and one that entrepreneurs should be ready to take advantage of.

If you’re ready to give SMS marketing a shot, a Gnymble SMS Marketing Starter Plan is on sale today for 82 percent off.

You may know plenty about social media and email marketing, but SMS is a little different. That’s why Gnymble gives you an easy-to-use platform to streamline all of your business texts. With a shared inbox that all team members can access from any device and an actionable dashboard that gives you the ability to hide, snooze, tag, and message directly, you can keep all of your business texts in a single location, allowing you to have real texts with customers that come from humans, not bots. This way, you’ll ideally build better relationships with your customers and better communicate with your team members.

To help you streamline operations, Gnymble gives you templates that are easily personalized with merge fields, so you can standardize the way your company interacts with customers. Plus, with broadcast messages, you can send messages to many people at once and receive individual responses. If you need to stay in contact outside of business hours, you can also set up auto-replies. For greater segmentation, you can give departments and individuals within your organization their own phone numbers to give customers an even more personalized experience.

With a Gnymble SMS Marketing Starter Plan, you’ll get support for three users per line, unlimited inbound messages, and 3,000 outbound messages per month. Get your SMS marketing plan off the ground today when you get a one-year subscription to Gynmble for just $99.99 ($588).

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