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Do I Need a Separate Business Number?


Do I Need a Separate Business Number?

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Are you looking to separate your business and work phone numbers? How to create a better work-life balance by keeping your business texts out of your texting app.

At Gnymble we like to emphasize the importance of creating a wonderful work-life balance by separating your personal and business phone numbers– because Mom and Customer Joe shouldn’t be next to each other in your texting app. There are many reasons to make the switch, but we will be discussing the top four: time management, privacy, useability, and a few other concerns. 

  1. Time Management

Many people dread the idea of having two different phone numbers. I’m here to tell you– don’t knock it until you try it. For example, after a long workday, you might go meet a friend for dinner when you receive several work texts. Your mind starts running through all you need to get done for work and the whole relaxed mood is ruined for you as well as your friend. If you opt for separate phone numbers for personal and business matters, you can turn off business notifications after hours. This offers you the ability to manage your time however you would like while also keeping a great work-life balance.

  1. Privacy

A separate business phone number also enhances the privacy of your business. While it may be unlikely, your company might need to check some business-related text-message exchanges. If you have a separate business and personal number, there's no chance of personal material being accessed. In the event of business material needing to be deleted, you won’t lose any personal information. Lastly, keeping your personal number private also creates boundaries that are necessary for privacy.

  1. Useability

In many cases, certain cell phone carriers have better service in different areas. This can be an issue when traveling for business. Gnymble provides a web-based texting platform. This means you can access your Gnymble texting account from any device that has access to either data or the internet. Nowadays most airports, hotels, and convention centers offer free wifi. Gnymble gives you multiple options to help you stay connected to your business conversations.

  1. Ridding Other Concerns

Unfortunately, if you share a phone number for business and personal uses this limits the amount of your cell phone expenses you can deduct from your income taxes. This can be a concern for small business owners. Another concern with sharing a personal and business number is taking a lot of time to create records of minutes used and text messages sent to give to your employer. 

Take back control of your personal cell phone number. Feel the power of being able to transition from work to home life without work distractions. If you want to learn more about how Gnymble can help you separate personal and business numbers please text 757-818-8010 or contact us here.

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