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Doctoring By Text


Doctoring By Text


Texting for healthcare is quickly becoming the norm. This use case for healthcare helps encourage workplace wellness and showcases how doctors are now helping their patients by text in the workplace.

Scheduling doctor visits around your workday can be difficult. Lunch breaks come and go too quickly, and most doctor’s offices are closed by the time you get off. Employees are tired of playing phone tag, using PTO for doctor’s appointments, and spending large sums of money when they only have a simple concern. Gnymble’s solution is doctoring by text and that is exactly what our customer Percentric does! This use case for healthcare helps encourage workplace wellness and showcases how doctors are now helping their patients by text.

Why is doctoring by text better for employees?

  1. More Convenient

Doctoring with Gnymble does not require an app download for patients. They will use their normal texting app that is already on their phone to send their doctor text messages. No more remembering passwords for patient portals, app downloads, or leaving voicemails. Doctoring by text also allows patients to receive medical care from the comfort of their own home, office, or wherever they’re most comfortable. This is a huge advantage for those with mobility issues or those living in more rural areas with limited access to local clinics or hospitals. Gnymble’s got your patients covered when it comes to convenient care.

  1. Less Time Consuming

Think about all of the time we spend on the phone trying to schedule a doctor's appointment. Then we have to drive to the doctor's office which can take quite a while, depending on where we live. When we arrive, we’ll spend time doing paperwork, paying our copay, and then waiting for an unknown amount of time. A simple doctor's appointment can take hours that many people don’t have. Percentric uses Gnymble to doctor by text. Patients can fill out their paperwork from the link sent by the doctor’s office, easily have questions or concerns answered, and even get prescriptions and have them sent to the pharmacy–all from the tip of your fingers via text. 

  1. Budget-Friendly

Percentric offers a non-primary, non-urgent concierge-for-all healthcare service at no cost to employees using the service. Employee healthcare services promote better mental health, better work ethic, and people tend to take less time off.  

Many physicians are starting to explore doctoring by text. Help your patients save time, money, and be more convenient. Bryan R. Fine, MD, MPH is a leader in this industry and continues to use Gnymble to doctor by text. If you’d like to learn more about how you can start using business texting please text 757-818-8010 or contact us here.

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