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Enhance employee communication with texting. Gnymble is the simple and elegant option for business texting. And the best part is that it doesn’t require an app! The days of sifting through endless emails are gone. Texting is here to stay. Let them text.

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Actually Talk to Your Team

Increased Productivity

Stop wasting time on emails and meetings when a simple text can get the job done quickly. Employees shouldn’t have to call a meeting with HR to put in their PTO requests. It’s time to keep the workforce working without letting old school communication practices get in the way.

Improve Employee Retention

Your employees are living in the modern world, isn’t it about time for your business’s communication to get there too? Having a conversation with your employees and letting them start that conversation shows your employees that you care about them. They will thank you for it.

No More Apps

Apps are the way of the world today, especially for all your workforce based applications. But how many employees have those apps on their phones? How many do you think want to download yet another app? Use what is already on their phones: texting!

A Scalable Tool

No matter if you have a large or small team, Gnymble is here to help. We offer different plan options because we know that every business is unique. Have a remote team all over the country? Great, we do too. Our platform allows multi-user access to keep everyone connected.

Like it but not sure how to use it?

Check out some of the awesome ways people are using Gnymble for employee communication

Human Resources

Is it open enrollment? Let your employees know! Send links, images and documents through text. And because Gnymble is a two-way communication tool, employees can communicate back immediately.

Have you implemented a new policy? Let the team know via text! Imagine if an employee had a question on a policy and they could immediately get to the HR team for answers. Now they can.

Remote Employees

Remote work can be a challenge. Providing a good company culture with a remote team has been one of the biggest. Gnymble helps keep teams talking and allows employees to feel that they have a personal relationship with their team. After all, they communicate with those they are closest to via text already. Gnymble wants to help build company culture with a personal touch, no office required.

High-Performing Teams

Increase your team's performance by allowing them to text. A few characteristics of high-performance teams are trust and mutual respect, open communication, effective working procedures and flexibility and adaptability. Gnymble was designed to encourage people to talk to each other, especially at work. Our clients have seen these characteristics and more just by allowing their teams to text.

For Contracted Employees

Most companies with contracted and hourly employees are already texting their employees, they are just doing it from their personal lines. Tired of sifting through employee and personal text messages? Effectively manage business and personal spaces with Gnymble. You can manage employee shifts and hours through our Gnymble platform while it still looks like a personal text to the employee. Employees get that personal touch of texting you and you get to manage it all in one place. That’s what we call a win-win situation.


In today’s world, email has become the new snail mail. Each day you are running your job advertisement with a contact us option of email or submit this way-too-long form, you are wasting money. That’s not including the amount of money you are wasting on not having someone in that role. Start letting candidates text you their resumes. Then when you find the one you like, text them back to schedule the interview. Perfect fit? Send them their contract via text! Hiring has never been easier.
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