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SMS marketing can help you to reach more than 292 million people


SMS marketing can help you to reach more than 292 million people


While email has long been seen as a strong marketing tool, SMS marketing is shaping up to be more memorable and better for customer communications

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SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is a massive growth channel with more than 292 million people in North America using text messaging. For businesses, that means that it’s a lot easier to send direct marketing messages to your existing and potential customers. With the right approach, SMS marketing can be a strong growth tool for your business. As summed up by Thrive Marketing agency : “In a nutshell, SMS marketing utilizes a mobile phone’s SMS or text messaging service to communicate with their customers and to keep them engaged. One SMS has a 160-character limit and if you go over this limit your message is sent in two parts. So, it’s best that SMS marketers make their message copy concise yet compelling.”

In this era of remote work, communication is more essential than ever, but can easily be one of the things the teams of a business let fall to the wayside. But when employees aren’t seeing each other face to face, unless via video call, keeping up to date with each other easily and quickly is of paramount importance.


A good way to improve communication and stay in touch is with a service like Gnymble SMS Marketing , which can help you to communicate both with your customers and your team members more effectively. One-year subscriptions are available now for the reduced price of $124.99. The easy-to-use platform allows you to send multiple texts at once including the option to reply to messages. The service can be accessed online from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, with no app required, and uses a single inbox, so that multiple team members can access the messages. The useful dashboard function allows you to hide, snooze, tag, and message directly. Boost your communication potential with an SMS marketing solution that can work for both external and internal communications.

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