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Can Workplace Wellness Make an Impact on Employee Retention?

Business texting is changing the way employers are attracting and retaining top talent. In one use case, a customer of Gnymble provides a healthcare wellness benefit for corporations that includes texting. In this model, the employees have direct access to a physician via text, paid for by their employer. This means the employer doesn’t have to lose their talent for the day to allow the employee to go to the doctor for a routine issue and the employee doesn’t have to take PTO. That’s what we call a win-win for technology helping people!

Why are workplace wellness programs important?

Studies have shown that supporting the physical and mental health of your employees creates a happier and more productive environment. Workplace wellness has definitely impacted employee retention over the last few decades. After all, most people spend up to ⅓ of their life at work. Your workplace is like your second home.

Over 45% of Americans say that they would stay at their workplace longer if they were provided with an employee-sponsored wellness program. Employee-sponsored wellness programs resulted in 40% of employees saying that they were encouraged to work harder and take less time off.

10 Reasons to Provide Workplace Wellness Programs:

1. Improves Employee Health Behavior

Wellness programs are a great way to help your employees adopt healthier behaviors such as more physical activity, eating healthier, and lower alcohol intake.

2. Increases Employee Physical Wellness

Studies have shown that workplace wellness programs have shown increased rates of positive self reported physical wellness.

3. Productivity Increases

Employees with poor health are less likely to perform their best at work. Smokers are 28% more likely to have lower productivity at work. Those not eating healthy are 66% more likely and those that don’t exercise are 50% more likely to have lower productivity at work than those that do.

4. Employee Engagement Increases

Healthy habits lead to increased happiness which leads to increased engagement among employees.

5. Increase in Morale

Workplace wellness increases morale because employees feel valued and appreciated.

6. Lower Stress Levels

Many stressors include personal health, financial worries, and more. Workplace wellness programs can lower stress levels by helping with healthcare costs and providing healthcare.

7. Attendance Increases

Employees spend less time scheduling appointments, traveling to the doctor, and more. This increases attendance when wellness programs are offered on site.

8. Teamwork is Improved

Encouraging and taking part in wellness activities such as walking or yoga improve employee relationships. This makes employees more comfortable around one another and teamwork is improved.

9. Attracts New Talent

Many potential employees are drawn to companies that offer workplace wellness programs.

10. Reduces Healthcare Cost

Companies that offer a workplace wellness program typically see a trend in healthcare costs being lower for employees. The savings from workplace wellness program participation will be greater than the actual cost of the program.

Workplace wellness looks different at every company

These programs can consist of things such as on-site health clinics, weight loss and stress management coaching, corporate yoga, and more. If your business is considering providing workplace wellness, you will most likely see employee retention increase.

How can technology, like business texting, help workplace wellness?

Technology, like business texting, is a great way to deliver workplace wellness. For example, bringing a virtual doctor onboard can help employees by saving them time from not having to leave work for routine issues. Now, asking their physician quick questions, receiving follow-up care, or even refilling prescriptions can all be done via text message with a business texting platform, like Gnymble. Gnymble allows the employee to use their normal texting app on their phone to text with a doctor and receive medical care.

Texting has become the normal way we communicate with each other. Now that health and wellness are becoming a normal benefit for employees, more and more companies are using texting with their health and wellness partners and within their own company.

Interested in learning more about using business texting to strengthen your business and allow your employees a convenient way to communicate with you? Contact us to learn more!