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Human Resources

Employee Communication for a Remote Workforce

Imagine this…
A remote work environment where you can actually get ahold of each other! We are all learning how to work in a remote workforce. Stop asking your team to learn yet another platform to make communication to be easier that seems to just add to an already full inbox. Why not use a platform we all know well...texting!


Patient communication with a personal touch

Imagine this...
Patients can reach their physician without logging into a portal or downloading yet another app. Docs can send reminders, take notes and follow up all by text. Isn’t it time we bring back the old-school ways of having a personal relationship with your doc?


Customer Service at Your Fingertips

Imagine this...
A sticker with a scannable code that says “TEXT US for service or repairs” right on an HVAC unit. Let your competitors wait for a phone call. You will never lose a customer again because they hit your voicemail—or worse, an automated answering service.


A Radio Station That Listens to You

Imagine this…
A radio station offers the opportunity for their listeners to text them. Now, instead of fielding tons of phone calls, they can easily view all their listeners’ comments in one web-based platform. And the best part? They can respond to their listeners’ comments, which the listeners love, and watch their engagement and ratings go up!



I needed a way to be able to quickly respond to my patients without letting messages interrupt my time with my patients or my family. Gnymble provided me with a simple platform that I could use on any device that allows me to receive and respond to texts from my patients.

Bryan Fine



Gnymble has changed the way we do business. Lots of clients now text us with service questions, to schedule, and even to buy new systems! We have found it very useful to text a link for payments. We’ve seen anything from $79-$20,000 collected using a simple text link. Revenue has increased, client satisfaction is through the roof, and our in-house reps are much happier because they’re on the phone less and far more productive.

Justin Mathews


A Use Case For Every Industry

A use case for every industry

No matter the industry, Gnymble makes texting simple. With a platform designed for inbound access, we are a mission to encourage businesses to meet their employees, patients, customers, etc. on the technology they want to use. Let them text.

2% of People Love Hitting Your Voicemail.

We made this up but it seems about right. People want to connect with you in real-time on their time. We say let them. Gnymble is a great customer service tool that allows a personal touch to business communication.

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